Municipal Museum of Ciutadella

This is a local museum belonging to the Ciutadella town council. It contains a comprehensive selection of ethnological objects as well as a significant archaeological collection that includes important finds discovered in the caves Cova des Mussol and Cova des Càrritx.
The museum was originally established in the historical building Bastió de sa Font until 2018. The museum collection was moved to Can Saura (Carrer del Santíssim, 2) in 2019. Can Saura is an aristocratic town house dating back to the late 17th and early 18th century that now belongs to the Town Council.

On the ground floor is an exhibition displaying objects from the museum collection as part of an exhibition: ‘May the earth not weigh you down. A history of death rituals in Menorca’ (Que la tierra te sea ligera. Una historia de la muerte en Menorca). The exhibition is an introduction to the world of death, beliefs and rituals practiced in Menorca from when the first inhabitants came to the island up to Moorish times. Of particular interest are the remains of the old Moorish necropolis discovered beneath the building that have been incorporated into the exhibition.
The Municipal Museum of Ciutadella is in the process of transforming and enhancing its design by enlarging and renovating the layout. During the next two years (2019-2020) the Municipal Museum will expand to include the first floor as well as the ground floor of the building, and will be displaying more archaeological and ethnological objects from its collection.
The Municipal Museum has an extensive programme of educational activities for school children including workshops and visits.

More information:
Location: C/ Santíssim, 2- CAN SAURA
Town: Ciutadella
Owned by: Ciutadella Town Hall
Managed by: Ciutadella Town Hall
Telephone: 971 380 297

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