Salinas de Mongofra

The salt-marshes of Addaia and Mongofra are situated in the Natural Area of Special Interest in Menorca and are worth a visit but no longer in use. These are two different marshes from the XIX century divided by a stretch of land which is now the road that goes to Mongofra Nou. To the left and facing the sea lie the oldest and largest salt-marshes of Addaia, which cover 16.000m2, and to the right are the Mongofra salt-marshes of 2.800 m2. The water in these wetlands, particularly Addaia, has a high salt-level because of the flow of sea-water that is filtered in through a sandbar from the port of Addaia. Despite their size, the water is very shallow and in the summer these marshes dry out completely as the evaporation is greater than the amount of rain or filtering sea-water.

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