Camí d'en Kane

Sir Richard Kane was an Irish-born soldier in the British Forces who governed Menorca during the first period of British occupation. Between 1712 and 1717, when he arrived on the island, he put in place a network of roads that initially ran from Ciutadella to Sant Felip Castle, with the intention of making communications easier between troops in the forts of Maó and Ciutadella, and as far as possible, with more isolated areas and rural estates that had difficulty getting their produce to market. One of these roads, which in fact turned out to be one of Sir Richard Kane’s greatest contributions to public works on the island, still bears his name today.

Nowadays, the stretch from Maó to Mercadal via Alaior still survives. The route crosses the inland rural landscape on the western side of the island. It is a wide road in good condition.

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Location: Camí d’en Kane (the road linking Maó and Mercadal)
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