The North minorcan Marine Reserve

The North Minorcan Marine Reserve was created in 1999 with a double objective: to protect Minorca’s coastline and preserve sea creatures in this area, and as a tool to control fishing.

The Marine Resreve extends from Cap Gros, beyond Illa dels Porros and ends at Punta des Morter, and there are three levels of protection established. The first one is a core reserve that stretches from Pla de Mar to Cala Barril, where any type of fishing or removal of flora or fauna is strictly prohibited. A second protected area is the bay of Fornells, where only professionals can fish. The third area covers the rest of the reserve; here fishing is allowed under special circumstances. Since the Marine Reserve’s creation, observers have noted a natural increase of both number and size of the species inhabiting it, it is quite frequent to view red lobsters, groupers, breams, conger eels and many other typical Mediterranean fish specimens here.

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