Cala en Turqueta - Cala Galdana

One of the key features of the central part of Minorca is the gorges. They cut through the island vertically, getting deeper and wider from north to south.

This path is one of continual contrasts thanks to these gorges. An extensive range of flora is present, as the route alternatives between dry areas and shaded and humid patches hidden within the gorges where vegetation is well protected from the wind. Cala en Turqueta, Macarella and Algendar are three good examples of gorges, with each of them a habitat for oaks.
Of the coves and bays with humid landscapes close to sandy beaches, Macarella and Cala Galdana are worth mentioning. The latter is the mouth of the Algendar gorge, one of the most important gorges on the island.


Distance: 6,40
Difficulty level: Easy

Cala en Turqueta - Cala Galdana

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