The Binicodrell de Darrera talayots

According to ancient texts, Binicodrell was a large Talayotic period settlement (1000-700 B.C.). Today, only two talayots remain, of which the northern one is in a better condition; it has a zigzag shaped access ramp leading inside, although researchers disagree on whether it was built at the same time as the talayot. The southern talayot, on the other hand, is quite dilapidated.
You can still find fragments of pottery on the ground, dating from various eras: Talayotic, late Punic, Roman and Islamic. Inside the protected area of the site there is a necropolis.

More information:

Location: Finca Binicodrell de Darrera. Camí de Sa Malagarba
Town: Es Migjorn Gran
Owned by: Private
Managed by:
Parking: Available

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