Torretrencada talayotic settlement

Torretrencada is a Talayotic settlement (1000-700 B.C.) that was occupied until the Roman conquest in 123 B.C. Several of its monuments can still be seen. They include the talayot a seriest of artificial burial caves dug out of the rocky ground and burial chambers carved in the rock, probably dating from the high medieval period. The taula is one of the most beautiful on the island, with a reinforcement pillar at the back, but all that is left of the surrounding wall is a section underneath the modern dry-stone wall. The site dates back to the post-Talayotic period (650-123 B.C.) and was used by the community for performing rituals.

More information:

Location: Carretera Maó - Ciutadella, km 39
Town: Ciutadella
Owned by: Private
Managed by:
Parking: Available

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