Sant Antoni/Golden Farm

Sant Antoni is in the northern part of Maó harbour known as “S'Altra Banda” (the other side). Legend has it that Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton conducted their love affair here in 1800. For this reason, the residence is also known as The Golden Farm or Nelson’s House.

The classic appearance of the facade and its red walls have made the house an unmistakable architectural feature in the harbour area and it is often pointed out as an example of Menorca colonial architecture. The tower on top of the house was used to look out for ships approaching the harbour and gave enough time to go down and get the lines ready to moor the vessel at the dock.

More information:

Location: Sant Antoni/Golden Farm. Carretera de La Mola, km 3
Town: Maó
Owned by: Private
Managed by: Private
Telephone: 971 362 127/610 443 276

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