How many varieties of bird do you think stop to rest on our island during their migrations? Menorca is a perfect destination for all ornithologists, as here they can see so many in their natural habitat.
Thanks to Menorca’s geological and climatic characteristics there is a wide range of habitats on the island, and consequently an important variety of species, from birds of prey such as the red kite or the osprey to mallards and herons. Menorca has several endemic species of animals and plants.

Also, because of its geographic location, right in the middle of the migratory routes over the Mediterranean, you can spot up to 200 different species of birds in the marshes, ravines, farmland, cliffs and rocky islands off the coast.
Our richest ornithological area is without doubt s'Albufera des Grau, set within the Biosphere Reserve. There you will be able to birdwatch throughout the year, but it is best of all in the winter when all the birds are flying south. In the spring you can see the birds returning from Africa and heading for their breeding areas in Northern Europe. And in the autumn their journey starts all over again in reverse.