Punta Nati Lighthouse

Punta Nati lighthouse, erected in a very arid and captivating landscape, is located in the north-western corner of the island, only 6 km away from Ciutadella. Punta Nati is yet one more example of how diverse the landscapes are here on the island. The narrow road leading up to the lighthouse has a cycle path and is flanked on either side by dry stone walls, locally known as ‘paret seca’.

This is a place to visit whether your interest is in history or on the lookout for unspoiled views. It is a great place to watch the sunset and for star gazing at night time.

The neighbouring island Majorca can be seen from here in the distance. The headland at Punta Nati suffers more severe weather conditions than elsewhere on the island: The sea currents are strong here. The area is buffeted by the northern Tramontana winds and by a series of dramatic ‘bufadors’. Bufadors are caves and cracks in the cliffs that are connected to the sea; in stormy weather, waves surge up through the cracks and caves, pushing roaring columns of water up through the bufadors.

The lighthouse was built in 1912, after numerous shipwrecks in the early 20th century, in particular the French steamer ‘Général Chanzy’. The lighthouse was inaugurated on 1st September 1913 where it stands today, 11.5 m high, shining a beacon visible 26 nautical miles away. The countryside surrounding Punta Nati is stark and arid, overlooking steep cliffs.
The access road is lined by characteristic dry stone walls, as are most of the country lanes in the area. The stone huts dotted about were used in the olden days for livestock to take refuge in times of bad weather.

Access disabled people
Rescue service
Litter bin
Bar / Restaurant
Water sports area
Blue flag

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