Seafaring Gastronomy Route

This route takes you down to the sea, a determining factor in all aspects of everyday life on Menorca, and in its food, its landscape and its people. The Seafaring Trades, Traditions and Gastronomy Route explores the oldest trades connected with the sea and leads you to all the island’s harbours. It also takes you to buy fish in the lively markets and shows you some very special places to eat fresh seafood on an exciting tour that no visitor to the island should miss. Lobster caldereta (stew) has its own stop on this route, a chance for you to enjoy this irresistible delicacy with an excellent and well-deserved reputation. But this well-known dish is not the only one you’ll be trying. You’ll be exploring an endless range of possibilities, all of them delicious and with that wonderful salty flavour of the sea. Here are a few ideas for eating, shopping and experimenting.