Southern Beaches

Idyllic, picture postcard perfect settings for your dream holiday... The coves and beaches on Menorca’s southern coast are sprinkled with the finest white sand, lapped by stunning crystal clear turquoise waters that allow you to see the seabed as if it were a photograph. Beaches on the southern part of the island are a joy for the senses. A treat for the eyes, as the intense blue of the summer sky merges with the friendly blues of the Mediterranean. For the ears, as the buzzing of the cicadas becomes a pleasant and family melody, while the fragrance of the pine trees mingles with the sea air, transporting you to the authentic essence of Mediterranean summer.

Chalky cliff faces, beautiful ravines, sand dunes, and Mediterranean woodland surround these precious natural beauty spots.

Sheltered from the northern winds, beaches on the south coast become warm natural pools, with calm shallow waters that you’ll never want to leave, as you are cradled gently by the Mediterranean. Watching the sun set on the beach is another of those unmissable experiences you shouldn’t pass up when you come to Menorca.

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